‘La Reina’ Raicilla – is a wild Agave Maximiliana spirit produced in the forests of Western Jalisco, aprox. 4800 feet above sea level.  Produced by one single family for more than 105 years passing the knowledge and traditions thru generations.

‘La Reina’ Raicilla Blanco is 100% Artisanal, it has double  distillation, 42 alc by vol/84 proof and the special edition 53% alc by vol.

    • The agave Piñas are cooked in Clay oven and Mashed by hand in wood trunks.
    • Fermentation is in Open air wood tanks. And Distillation is done in stainless steel with copper coil stills.


Our Vision is to become #1 brand of Raicilla in the world, with the best quality and careful design and to show the world what is behind each bottle, the story, the passion and the union that makes it UNIQUE and delicious.

We have 3 present sustainable programs:

1) Planta Una Reina –  (Plant an agave today and you will have your Reina in 8 years) every year in may with a volunteers group, we plan 10,000 agaves.

2) Sonrisas de Papel (paper smiles) thats the name of the new project of 2020, with the bagazo of the cooked and mashed agave, we are creating along the government of Jalisco a small manual fabric to create agave paper, that will bring jobs opportunities to women and incomes with the tourism.

3) Taberna ‘La Reina’ is the magical place, where ‘La Reina’ is made, we are working with Tours to live the experience, learn about the process and meet the family.