Ana López and Juan Pablo Mercado met in Puerto Vallarta in the summer of 2016.

Ana López is originated from Atenguillo, Jalisco, a small town 2 hours away from Guadalajara, known for its delicious and traditional raicilla.

Both were raicilla lovers, and by October they got engaged by a magical sunset in Cuatro Cuatros, a winery in Baja, where JP is originally from, the rest is the history…

Ana introduced JP to maestro raicillero Julio Topete and his sons, Cesar, Oscar & Martin, were together as a group would soon started to export La Reina to Italy with Compagnia dei Caraibi intro Europe’s prime Spirits market.

Now, 3 years later being a family, they moved to California to continue the promotion of the traditional culture, the energy, and spread their passion towards raicilla to the United States along side PKGD Group.