Join us to this adventure in the highlands of maestro raicillero Julio Topete and his family that always welcome you with a warm smile.

Tour Includes:

Day 1
• Pickup from Guadalajara Airport (GDL)
• Dinner at evening in a private restaurant + a tasting of ‘La Reina’ Raicilla
(* Meals at Restaurant are not included)
• Hotel in Guadalajara, MX

 Day 2
• Transport to Taberna ‘La Reina’ (Atenguillo, Jalisco)
• Explanation of how ‘La Reina’ Raicilla is made
• All Meals and Raicilla included at Taberna ‘La Reina’
• Accommodation in Taberna ‘La Reina’

Day 3
• Walk in the fields of lechuguillas and ride a horse (optional)
• Transport back to Guadalajara Airport

Group minimum of 10 persons

Place: Atenguillo, Jalisco


+52 1 3314685014

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Do you a have 3 minutes? Take a quick look of the video below !

We hope you can visit us soon at Taberna ‘La Reina’
and have the most incredible experience you have ever had !


‘La Reina’.